???name Observatory Construction
Insulation being placed below floor of warmroom.
Site graded, great view to the south, dark skies to 6th magnitude!
Scott & Diane of Backyard Observatories arrive from Ohio to begin buillding.
Deck laid out, entire Horstman family lends a hand.
Walls raised over deck....these were heavy...all of us needed to lift and carry from
Roof begun.  Notice supports for roll off roof to the right.  More to
Solid foam insullation added to roof to keep out excess heat in the summer.
Green metal roof installed.  Allows snow to slide off in winter.  Lighter than shingles.
Warm room insullated and finished with wood paneling.  Window allows viewing
Two piers ready for AP mounts.  Drop down south wall on left.
Walls wrapped in Tyvek awaiting siding.  Roof rolled back to expose observing
More to come in the next few weeks!
First night imaging- TEC140 refractor on AP900 mount.