Finished Observing Deck
When I am using the telescope, the shed can
roll to the west side, shielding me from wind
and light to the west.  It forms the seventh
wall of an octagon. If I need more
protection, the door of the shed can flip over
to make the 8th wall.
The base of the pier has a removable section of the deck,
to allow access to the base of the pier.  The walls of the
deck have a small gap at their base to allow snow to be
shoveled away, allowing 4 season astronomy.  I place a
small table behind the pier to hold some accessories that
do not fit onto the pier.
The shed is rolled to the
side to show the telescope
and pier.  The deck
connects to the rest of the
deck around the house.  
The back door of the
house is just a few steps
away, so I can step inside
on cold nights during long
exposures.  A red light in a
Glarebuster protects my
night vision.
Music: Pianoman by Billy Joel
Overhead view of deck showing octagonal shape of
deck.  Shed and door complete the octagon