Bubble Nebula in Cassiopeia
At a distance of 11,300 light years in the constellation Cassiopeia, the Bubble Nebula combines symmetry with
irregularity.  The nebula  is composed of a huge cloud of mostly hydrogen gas measuring 10 light-years across, more
than twice the distance of the earth to the nearest star.  This gas cloud is being disrupted by a massive bright star
emitting a powerful "stellar wind.â€�  This fierce wind displaces the surrounding nebula gas into a shell, which is then
ionized by the energetic starlight, causing both the spectacular shell and surrounding nebula to glow!

The Bubble nebula is also catalogued as NGC 7635 and Caldwell 11.

This image combined 75 minutes red, 55 minutes green, and 60 minutes blue exposures, binned 2x2, through an
ST10XME camera, 0.67x AP reducer, and 12" Meade LX200R.  The red channel was also used for partial luminance.
Music:  STIX - Come Sail Away