Eagle Nebula M16 - DSLR
Within the Eagle Nebula IC 4703, a billowing cloud of interstellar gas and dust has entered an active phase of star formation.  Open star cluster
M16 is emerging in the upper left corner of this great gaseous and dusty cloud.  High energy radiation from these young massive hot stars excites
the hydrogen gas in the surrounding Eagle Nebula to shine by red emission light. The nebula continues to form new stars near the dark central area
of condensation that Hubble photographers have called the "
pillars of creation."

The Eagle Nebula and M16 appear 7,000 light years distant, slightly farther away than its neighbor
M17, in the summer constellation Serpens.

The image above combined eight exposures of 10 minutes each with a Canon 60Da DSLR through a TEC140 telescope on an AP 900 GTO
mount, for a total exposure time of 80 minutes.  The exposures were calibrated using both darks and flats.  Image acquisition, calibration, and
stacking was performed with Maxim DSLR. I think that this image compares favorably with my cooled dedicated CCD images, that you can see
by clicking
Music:  Fly Like an Eagle, Steve Miller Band
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