Hidden Lake Observatory Warm Room
The 5' x 15' warm room is my refuge
from both chill winter nights and buggy
summer evenings. The room is
well-insulated to prevent heat currents
from interfering with imaging or
observing.  The computer is tied both
to the telescope laptop and to the
internet, so I can monitor my  
exposures as they appear without
having to leave the warm room.  I can
view the scopes out of the side
window if needed.

The electrical supply has three
dedicated circuit breakers, one for the
telescopes, a second for the warm
room outlets and the roof motor, and
the third just for the room heater and
electric blanket.
Music:  Our House
Late at night, when my tracking,
guiding, focusing, camera cooling,
dew heaters, and weather are all
behaving, I retire to the comfort of
my Lazyboy recliner, for periodic
naps.  I emerge briefly from my
slumber every hour, to confirm
that images remain centered and in