Globular Cluster M22 in Sagittarius
Although the Hercules Cluster M13 is widely recognized as the most striking globular cluster visible from northern latitudes,  M22 is
actually brighter but harder to see due to its low altitude from our area.  At a distance of about 10 thousand light years, its 70,000 suns
are packed tightly into a diameter of under 100 light years.  As viewed from Earth, M22 spans an area the size of the full moon, but only
the central region is visible through telescopes.  From the dark site of my new observatory, I can clearly identify the 5th magnitude glow
with the naked eye as a fleeting puff of smoke from the teapot shape of Sagittarius, beckoning a closer look
across the universe.

This image combined 30 minutes of green and 35 minutes red and 45 minutes of blue exposures.  An ST10XME camera was used
through a TEC 140mm refractor at my new observatory.
Music:  Across the Universe