Horsehead Nebula
The Horsehead Nebula is a
cold dark collection of
interstellar gas and dust, that
blocks the light of the
emission nebula behind it.  
The streaks of light are
originating from the brilliant
star Anilak, which is just
outside of the field of view.  
The image on the right was
taken with an ST9 CCD  
camera through a 16"
telescope as a combination
of 20 exposures, each 30
seconds long, at New
Mexico Skies Observatory.

The image below was taken
from home through an 8"
telescope with a "reducer"
to give a 50% larger view.  I
used an ST10-XME camera,
combining 30 monochrome
exposures of 3 minutes
each. Only my monochrome
images came out, so I used
Adobe Photoshop to
"paint-in" the proper colors.
One year later, I succeded
in obtaining a full color
image.  This new wider field
image  included the adjacent
flame nebula, and can be
seen by clicking
Music:  Dust in the Wind by Kansas