Angel Nebula:  NGC 2170 Nebula Complex in Monoceros
Reflection nebula NGC 2170, in the lower left of this image, is the brightest of several blue reflection and red emission nebulae in this
region of the constellation Monoceros.  The nebulae evoke the appearance of a celestial angel, with the head on the upper left, the blue
flowing robes on the right, and a red emission nebula at the heart.  All of these nebulae are closely associated at a distance of 2400 light
years, illuminated by young hot B-type stars that are emerging from the giant molecular cloud Mon R2. The NGC 2170 complex is part of
a much larger association of hydrogen and dust stretching from the constellations Monoceros to Orion.

This image combined 110 minutes of luminance exposures, unbinned, with 45 minutes of red, 40 minutes green and 60 minutes of blue
exposures, binned 2x2.  An ST10XME camera was used through a Meade 12" LX200R and an AP reducer at the Hidden Lake
Music:  Angel
in the Morning