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If you have ever been away from city lights, and gazed up at the night sky, you
must share my awe of the heavens.  Like many others, I am trapped in a nearly
urban environment, where street lights and chain store neons obscure all but the
brightest stars.  The night-satellite image below shows my proximity to the huge
light-domes of major northeast cities.
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I had given up on astronomical observing from my home, until I discovered the
power of CCD photography.  These pages display my CCD images, initially at
New Mexico Skies Observatory with 14" and 16" compound reflecting
telescopes, and later at my home with more humble 4" to  8" telescopes.  In 2006,
I  began imaging from my
new observatory in the mountains, using a 5.5"
refractor and a 12" compound reflector.  In 2012, I began to experiment with
"off-the-shelf" Canon DSLR cameras for astrophotography, developing
techniques that should open up the hobby to more people.

If you want to learn more about amateur astronomy, consider joining a club.
Several clubs in the area of New York City and Connecticut are listed among the
links.  If you want to learn more about controlling light pollution, and the quest to
reclaim the night sky, visit the
International Dark-Sky Association website.
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