Galaxy NGC 2903 in Leo
Galaxy NGC 2903 lies 20 million light years away within the Leo Spur of Galaxies.  The galaxy is tilted 24 degrees from edge-on, allowing us to see its
spiral structure.  The inner core has a prominent bar, oriented horizontally in this image.  The barred spiral galaxies often are associated with high rates of
star formation, termed "hot spot galaxies," but not quite at the rate of the starburst galaxies like M77 and M82.  The gravitational pull of the central bar
draws material to the galaxy's core, accellerating star formation.  Large H-II regions, appearing red in this image, join a ring of active star formation
around the core.   Further out, two dominant spiral arms extend outwards, shining blue with young star clusters.

This image combined 90 minutes of luminance unbinned, with 30 minutes of red, 20 minutes green and 30 minutes of blue exposures binned 2x2  An
ST10XME camera was used through a Meade 12" LX200R and an AP reducer at the Hidden Lake Observatory.
Music:  Across the Universe
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