Open Cluster NGC 7789 in Cassiopeia
Open Cluster NGC 7789 appears almost as large and round as the full moon.  It contains close to 600 stars at a distance of 6,000 light
years.  It is as bright as many Messier clusters, appearing 6.7 magnitude, and 25' diameter.  It is one of the final entries in the NGC
catalog, with RA 23h 57m, and Dec +56 43'.  Stephen O'Meara included this cluster as entry #108 in his catalog of Hidden Treasures.

The image above combined a total of 2.5hours through RGB filters (R30, G60, B60), with the sharpest 2 hours used to create a sharper
synthetic luminance.  A QSI-583wsg camera was used through a TEC 140 mm refractor at f7.
Music:  While my guitar gently
weeps,              The Beatles
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