Planetary Nebula Abell 43 in Ophiuchus
Abell 43 (also known as PLN 36+17.1) is a small planetary nebula in Aquila. Like other planetary nebula, it represents the remnant of a dying star that
is blowing off its outer layers.  It is dim (magnitude 14.7) and small (1.2' x 1.3'), requiring dark skies, a large aperture to collect scarce photons, steady
skies, and precise tracking.  See my article on photographing planetary nebula in
Sky & Telescope Magazine in October 2012.

This image combined 72 minutes of clear luminance, 36 minutes of red, 28 minutes green and 28 minutes of blue exposures, all unbinned.  A
QSI-583wsg camera was used through a 12" Astro-physics Ricardi-Honders f/3.8 astrograph at the Hidden Lake Observatory.  
Music:  No Sunshine When She's Gone