Pac Man Nebula - NGC 281
Music:  Wild Thing
The Pac Man Nebula, better known to Astronomers as NCG 281 in Cassiopeia, lies at a distance of about 10 thousand light years.  A bright group of stars in
the center illuminate the region of hydrogen gas, glowing red.  Dark clouds of dusk obscure some of the glowing gas, creating the "mouth" and "eye" of the
Pac Man.  Star formation occurs in these dense clouds of dust.  Because the cluster is in the direction of the Milky Way, innuberable stars litter the
background and foreground of the image.

This image combined luminence exposures of 120 minutes red and 90 minutes Ha  minutes with RGB exposures of 45, 50, and 75 minutes, for a total
exposure time of 6 hours 20 minutes spread over two evenings.  I used the ST10 camera with a TEC 140 mm refractor and a 0.67x reducer.