Cave Nebula in Cepheus - DSLR
The Cave Nebula is a large emission nebula of glowing hydrogen gas that is part of a larger molecular cloud in the constellation Cepheus. Many young stars are
emerging from this cloud.  Although this object historically has been designated Sh2-155, Patrick Moore has more recently included it as entry 9 in the "Caldwell
Catalog" of grand deep sky objects that were not recorded by Charles Messier in his earlier catalog. A blue reflection nebula to its lower right is also seen, but I have
not yet found its name.

The image above combined 24 x 10-minute exposures using a Hutech-modifed Canon DSLR through a 12" Astro-Physics Riccardi-Honders Astrograph.  Notice how
the dust in the nebula blocks the background stars in the Milky Way in the lower half of this image.

The image below combined 65 minutes luminance exposures using a Hydrogen-alpha filter with 20 minutes of green and 20 minutes red and 20 minutes of blue
exposures.  An ST10XME camera was used through a TEC 140mm refractor with an AP 0.67x reducer at my observatory.  An H-alpha luminance helps suppress star
Music:  Bat out of Hell, by Meatloaf
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