Ghost Nebula VDB 152 in Cepheus
VDB 152 is a dusty nebula reflecting mostly blue light from the bright star within the left side of the nebula.  The ultraviolet light from the bright star also contributes
to a faint reddish brown glow in more distant portions of the dusty cloud on the right.  At the right edge, this dust blocks the light of background stars.  This complex
nebula is part of a larger molecular cloud 1200 light years away in Cepheus.

This color channels for this image combined 95 minutes of red, 80 minutes green and 100 minutes of blue exposures, which were partially obtained with an
ST2000XM camera unbinned through a TEC140 refractor and partially with an ST10XME camera binned 2x2 through a Meade 12" LX200R and an AP reducer.  
Luminance included 215 minutes unbinned with an ST10XME, Meade 12", and AP reducer.
Music:  Theme from Ghostbusters