IC410 Nebula in Auriga
In the heart of Auriga, IC410 glows near the larger and more famous Flaming Star Nebula IC405.  IC140
lingers like a puff of smoke, exhaling into the cold dark night, leaving us with "sweet dreams" of celestial

Like other emission nebula, the red color arises hydrogen gas energized by a cluster of newborn stars.  
Two small bands of early star formation appear as "tadpoles" in the lower left of the nebula, swimming
toward its heart.

This image combined 2 hours of H-alpha exposures with 60 minutes of red, 30 minutes of green, and 50
minutes of blue exposures, during a hazy night.  An ST10XME camera was used through a 4" refractor.
Music:  Sweet Dreams by Eurythmics