M35 and NGC 2158 Clusters in Gemini
Star Cluster M35 is glittering jewel at the foot of the constellation Gemini, dazzeling its viewer through binoculars or a small telescope.  
"Roundabout" to M35, another cluster lurks dim and distant.  Four times further away than M35, star cluster NGC2158 is also much older yet
richer.  The youthful M35 shines with bright energetic blue white suns, whereas the more mature NGC2158 is populated by more gently glowing
and longer-lasting yellow dwarfs.

As the song says, "In and around the lake....Mountains come out of the sky ....and they stand there....."

This exposure combined 42 minutes of luminence exposures with 12 red, 10 green, and 20 blue.  I used my  ST10XME camera through a 4 inch
This image was published in the April 2005 issue of Astronomy Magazine.  
Music:  Roundabout by Yes