Galaxies M60 amd M59 in the Virgo Cluster
Galaxies M60 (left center) and M59 (right of center) are a pair of elliptical galaxies, at a distance of 60 million
light years, that form a concentration of galaxies in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster.  Some of the other brighter
galaxies in this image include NGC 4460 lower left corner, NGC 4647 on the edge of M60, NGC 4667 just
below center, NGC 4607 and 4606 in the upper right corner, and IC 3652 in the lower right corner.

This image combined 60 minutes of luminance exposures unbinned with 50 minutes each of red, green and blue
exposures binned 2x2.  An QSI583 camera was used through a TEC140 refractor on an AP900GTO mount.
Music:  We can work it out - Beatles
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