Rho Ophiuchi Nebula in Scorpius - DSLR
This region around the bright orange star Antares in the heart of Scorpius is full of deep sky treasures.  To its right (west) is the globular cluster M4.  Just above that is the
red glow of emission nebula Sharpless 2-9.  Continuing counter clockwise is the small reflection nebula IC 4604.  Above that is the brighter blue reflection nebula IC4603
that surrounds the star Rho Ophiuchi.  Continuing counterclockwise is the small blue nebula IC4605 and the larger dusty yellow IC 4606, which is mostly material shed
from the supergiant Antares that reflects the light of its parent star.  Trailing to the left are dark nebulae of dust obscuring background stars of the summer Milky Way.

This image combined twelve 3-minute exposures using a Canon 60Da DSLR through a Pentax 135 mm lens at F4 on an iOptron Skytracker, for a total exposure time of
36 minutes.  No dark or flat exposures were used.  Image stacking was performed using Deep Sky Stacker.
Music:  Colors of the Wind
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