Thor's Helmet Nebula
Fifteen thousand light-years away in the direction of constellation Canis Major, Thor's Helmet is a complex nebula illuminated by a
bright rare Wolf-Rayet type star.  High velocity stellar winds from this energetic star compresses, excites, and illuminates surrounding gas
and dust to create a bubble of illumination, similar to the process seen in the
Bubble Nebula. This unusual object is classified as NGC

This image combined 120 minutes luminance exposures using a Hydrogen-alpha filter with 30 minutes each of red, green and blue
exposures.  An ST10XME camera was used through a TEC 140mm refractor  at my new observatory.  Thor's Helmet is probably too
faint to be imaged well with my telescope, but I couldn't resist trying.
Music:  Ride of the Valkyries