Coma Galaxy Cluster
Galaxies NGC 4889 (center) and NGC 4874 (right of center) are a pair of elliptical galaxies, at a distance of 320
million light years, that form the heart of the Coma Galaxy Cluster (Abell 1656).  To the left is the face-on spiral NGC
4921.  Hundreds of other galaxies can be seen in this image, easier to identify in the larger view visible by clicking on
this image.  The central galaxy has been classified as Caldwell 35.  The bright star in the upper right is a blue-white star
of spectral class A.

This image combined 130 minutes of luminance exposures unbinned with 60 minutes of red, and 40 minutes each of
green and blue exposures binned 2x2.  An QSI583 camera was used through a TEC140 refractor at f/7 on an
AP900GTO mount.
Music:  Long, long, long - Beatles
click on image for larger view