Hercules Galaxy Cluster - Abell 2151
The Hercules Galaxy Cluster, also called Abell 2151, contains hundreds of galaxies tightly packed into a relatively small region.  This image probably includes an area of about 10 million
light years, at a distance of 500 million light years.  Move the mouse over the image to see a closer view of the central region of about 5 million light years across, which shows more detail
in several spiral galaxies.   In 1934, Harlow Shapley described the presence of several galaxy clusters in Hercules (with the richest cluster Abell 2151), which are now felt to be part of a
larger Hercules Supercluster.

This image combined 190 minutes of luminance with a clear filter unbinned with 90 minutes of red, 60 minutes green and 60 minutes of blue exposures, binned 2 x 2.  An QSI583 camera
was used through a TEC140 refractor at F/7 at the Hidden Lake Observatory.
Music:  Sounds of Silence
click on image for larger size of central region