Splinter Galaxy NGC 5907
The Splinter Galaxy (NGC 5907) is an  edge-on spiral galaxy in Draco.  At a distance of 40 million light-years away, dust lanes partially
obscure the disc of hundreds of millions of stars.  The galaxy's true shape remains forever concealed.  Slight warping of the edges of the
galaxy is thought to be related to interactions with two nearby dwarf galaxies, that also contribute to a faint halo ring that is too dim to see
in my image.

This image combined 3 hours of Luminence exposures using an ST10XME camera and AP reducer through a Meade 12" LX200R
telescope, with 1 hour each of red, green, and blue exposures using an ST2000XM camera through a TEC140 refractor.  This photo,
combining 6 hours of total exposures, was take at the
Hidden Lake Observatory.  Although I am usually alone while imaging, I had the
company of some fellow astronomers on Memorial Day weekend when I took this photo.....(and thus the music).
Music:  No more lonely nights, Paul McCartney
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