Globular Cluster M92
Globular Cluster M92 is often neglected, overshadowed in the constellation Hercules by the Great Hercules Cluster M13.  Nonetheless, M92 is one of the
top ten brightest globular clusters visible to northern observers, containing a mass of 330,000 suns at a distance of 26 thousand light years.

The image above combined 40 minutes of red, 30 minutes green and 35 minutes of blue exposures, all unbinned.  An ST10XME camera was used through a
Meade 12" LX200R and an AP reducer at the Hidden Lake Observatory.  The wide-field image below used the same camera through an Astro-Physics 130
mm refractor at f5, combining  combining 33 minutes red, 48 minutes blue, and 48 minutes green exposures all unbinned.
Music:  Vivaldi's Four Seasons - Winter
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