Peculiar Galaxy NGC 3628 in Leo
Galaxy NGC 3628 is the largest but dimmest member of the famous Galaxy Trio in Leo, joining galaxies M65 and M66.  NGC 3628 is seen edge on, with a broad
dust lane crossing the central bulge.   Gravitational interactions among these galaxies warps of the ends of NGC 3628, and deforms the central bulge.  As a
consequence, NGC3628 lacks the smooth symmetry of other edge-on spirals like the
Needle Galaxy (NGC 4565), the Sombrero Galaxy (M104) and the Outer
Limits Galaxy (NGC 891).  In the 1960's, Caltech astronomer Halton Arp included this galaxy group in his famous Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies as entry Arp 317.

Move the cursor over the image to see evidence of gravitational interaction with faint intergalactic strands of stars sheared from the lower edge of NGC 3628.

The image above was taken at the Hidden Lake Observatory.  The luminance was obtained with an ST10XME camera and AP reducer through a Meade 12"
LX200R telescope, with 185 minutes of exposures.  The color was provided with an ST2000XM camera through a TEC140mm refractor, with exposures of 60
minutes red, 40 minutes green, and 100 minutes blue.  Total exposure time was over 6 hours.
Music:  Music of the Night, from Phantom of the Opera
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