Galaxies NGC 5740 and NGC 5746  in the Virgo Cluster
Galaxies NGC 5740 (left center) and NGC 5746 (right of center) are a pair of spiral galaxies, at a distance of 60
million light years, in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster.  The composition is balanced by a pair of bright blue-white type A
stars at the lower left and upper right. (I chose the music because the galaxies are "behind the blue eyes" of the
stars.)  True color is also shown in the red-orange pair of type K stars just below NGC 5746.  

This image combined 50 minutes of luminance exposures unbinned with 15 minutes red and 20 minutes each of  
green and blue exposures binned 2x2.  An ST2000XCM camera was used through an AP130 F/6 Gran Turismo  
refractor on an AP400GTO mount. This was the first image taken through my AP130, at the Cherry Springs Star
Party, June 2010.
Music:  Behind Blue Eyes - The Who
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